Hello and welcome to LOLBaba.com! My name is Sadhan Samanta, and I am the founder of LOLBaba.com, a Fun and Entertainment website for all occasions.

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Today, everyone is so stressed out in their daily lives because of so many things, like job, spouse, kids, parents, etc., that they hardly get time to have some good laugh on a daily basis. What’s the better way to spread fun and humor other than a complete website dedicated to it, and with that thought in mind, LOLBaba.com was born!

Here at LOLBaba.com it is our endeavor to make you laugh and give you a daily dose of fun.



I am an Internet Marketer having good knowledge of launching websites, search engine optimization (SEO), and driving traffic to websites, and LOLBaba.com is the result of all those skills.

What started as an experiment turned out to be a huge hit with thousands of people visiting this website on a daily basis!



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