Be Careful Before Stocking Vegetables In Fridge

Two days back, in Gurgaon, two healthy school going children of a family found dead in morning in the bed.

While finding out probable cause of death, food intake was enquired.

They did not eat anything from outside.

However their mother told that she gave a glass of milk before going to bed which is their daily routine.

The bowl of milk was checked which was kept in fridge.

Shockingly, a 3-4 inch dead black snake was found at bottom of bowl.

How it reached in fridge and fell in milk bowl?

The family recollected that they brought Palak and kept in fridge.

Everything was clear, but their only kids are no more in this world.

Kindly be cautious, Food to be kept covered positively and keep a vigil on leafy vegetables.

Pl share for awareness to maximum.

—–Forwarded as received—–

Be Careful Before Stocking Vegetables In Fridge
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