Jokes And Funny Messages On GST And Its Effect

gst on cosmetics
After effects of GST on Cosmetics


Wife: Now-a-days, people are talking very much about GST. What is this GST? She asks her husband.

Husband: It is not so easy to understand. Okay, listen to me; I will try to explain with a very simple example of my life.

When I was not married, if I came home at late night, first I had to give explanation to my sister at the door why I was so late.

Then, it is to my mother and lastly to my father.

Now after marriage, if I get late, I need not give explanation for three times, only single explanation to you solves the problem.

This is the brief idea about GST. Now are you clear?



The Govt is to announceΒ  that the GST would definitely apply to the Penis because it provides a Service.

The way the tax will apply was difficult to decide.
This was due to the fact that –

90 percent of the time it is hanging around unemployed,

5 percent of the time it is hard up,

4 percent of the time it is pissed off.

1 percent of the time only it is in active service.

On top of that it has two dependents and they are both nuts.

Effective from 1st July, 2017, Penis will be taxed according to its size –

10″-12” Super Luxury Tax,
8″-10” Luxury Tax,
5″-. 8” Privilege Tax,
4″-. 5” Basic Tax.

Males exceeding 12” must also file under Capital Gains Tax.

Anyone under 4” is eligible for Exemption under Handicapped catagory.

The Penis Taxpayers Association is still awaiting clarification on a number of questions raised on this new tax including:

Will there be rebates for early withdrawal ?

What if one’s penis is self employed ?

Do multiple partners count as Corporation ?

Are condoms deductible as expenses ?

For more , call your Consultants .


Jokes And Funny Messages On GST And Its Effect
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