Ravana Compared To Modern Day Men

Nice forward hence sharing – dear Ravana…..Every year, on this day, we celebrate the victory of good over evil….But..technically….your behaviour should be re-classified from “Evil” to “Slightly Naughty”. After all, tumne kiya hi kya thha? I agree you kidnapped a lady in haste… But.. after that…you gave her more respect we normally give to women in today’s world. You offered her good food…shelter…and even women security guards (not too good looking though). Your request for marriage was full of humility..and you never threw acids when rejected. Even when Lord Rama killed you…. you were wise enough to seek his apologies. And…I believe you were more educated than half of our Parliament. Trust me dude…there ain’t no any hard feelings to burn you… just that it’s the In-Thing. Respect !! Happy Dusshera 🙂

Good over bad, right over wrong, and angels over demons – Hope the year ahead is like a dream, full of what you wished and prayed for. Wish you a Happy Dusshera and Shubho Bijoya!

Stay blessed!!!!


May this Dussehra burn all your tensions with Ravan and bring lots of happiness and full fill all your dreams. Wish you all a Happy Dussehra.??


Ravana Compared To Modern Day Men
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