Why To Be Careful When Writing Cheque For LIC

Do not give cheque to LIC of India

“Please write
Life Insurance Corporation Of India”

Frendz, Just now recd a call from 01165095041 for verification of LIC policy. A lady was talking and she said that she was calling from ISD – Insurance Solution Department.
She was having one of my Policy No. and telling me that if I  send one Cheque of 12546/- in favour of LIC, we wil credit 60,000/– bonus to your same A/c
I told her that even I would like to verify her details. I asked her some questions and she disconnected the phone.
Friends take care, and ask your clients also not to send such LIC cheques to Delhi or elsewhere. We have come to know that they have opened a Current A/c in the name of Light Information Consultants LIC, and they are depositing those LIC cheques there. So anyone will be cheated and no bonus or Survival Benefit will be paid to them.
We request you to circulate this message to all Policyholders. And confirm the authenticity of calls. Generally LIC calls from local offices or thru Agents or personaly at Res. not thru calls from Delhi.
Be alert

☝☝Send above message to all policy holders, friends, relatives and in ur group.

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Why To Be Careful When Writing Cheque For LIC
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